Reflections on Evaluation 2017 Conference

Just wrapped up a great week in DC for Evaluation 2017.  I met up with many of my friends and colleagues from the visitor studies world; got to spend time with my fellow Rockman et al team member, Kristin Bass, and reconnect with former Rockman team member, Maryann Durland; met with some former and new clients for the first time face to face; gave a presentation on telepresent data collection and hosted a roundtable discussion on assessing the impacts of STEM media projects for youth; and even got to hang out with Michael Quinn Patton in the very last session that I attended…if there is such a thing as “evaluation rockstars,” Patton should definitely count among their ranks, and I’m certainly a big fan of his utilization-focused approach to evaluation. So, I’d say it was  a pretty good week!  IMG_7526

As always, I like to share my notes so that others can also have a chance to benefit from all the things I was able to hear and learn at this week’s conference. I also find conferences to be a great opportunity to hone my note taking skills.

Without further ado, here’s the link to my notes:


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