Toward a more perfect pie chart

In honor of Pi Day (3.14), I present this pie chart from a report that I did for PBS Kids back in 2013.  Rather than creating three different charts, I sought to visually represent three sets of key participant demographic data in one, visually appealing chart.

In addition to layering three pie chart rings together into one chart, I also toyed with the image fill feature as an alternative to a color fill as a way to convey information without having to add additional text to the chart.  It was fun (and challenging) to try to find images that could convey location information at-a-glance. I think the end result is also more visually appealing with those images included.

I’d be the first to say that this chart isn’t perfect, and I know there are folks who disapprove of pie charts in general, but I think this chart is able to communicate some basic information about our participants fairly clearly and concisely – and in a visually appealing way. Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.17.14 AM


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