Afterschool specials for professionals


I grew up in the era of afterschool specials or “very special” episodes that tried to teach young viewers about key moral and safety-related topics. And what child who lived through the later part of the 20th century could forget all those School House Rock cartoons with catchy tunes and lyrics that taught us about grammar and the legislative process?! If you, like me have songs like “Conjunction Junction” etched in your memory, or you find yourself empathizing with an anthropomorphic bill every time you hear about pending legislation in Congress, this post is for you!

Having found that my experience as an adult is sadly lacking in these bite-sized morsels of instruction and moral certitude, my colleagues and I have recently hypothesized a series of “The more you know”-type PSAs and/or “workplace rock” or “evaluation rock” vignettes that will help impart office/evaluation wisdom to new generations of professionals. …Cute reminders that the easiest and best way to do something may not be the way you’ve always done it in the past…Dramatic scenarios that extol the concept of opportunity cost in relation to workers’ time and the best use thereof…or our favorite thus far: a quirky,as-of-yet-unwritten ode to fighting transcription addiction.


In the interest of not letting this fun idea slip away, I’m writing this blog post as a reminder to myself and I’m also putting the idea out there in the world in case anyone wants to join us in this effort–paying homage to a cultural phenomena days gone-by and paying-it-forward for future generations.

There’s a lot of evaluation wisdom out there – and the more we share, the more we all know.


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