How do you get people to read your reports?

We’ve all been there. Spending countless hours and excessive amounts of brainpower writing reports that go unread. This past  week, Kate Livingston of Expose Your Museum presented a webinar as part of an ongoing online learning series on evaluation being co-hosted by ASTC and VSA, entitled: “How to get people to read your reports.”

The following image represents my notes from the webinar, formatted in a way that adopts some of the principles that Kate talked about in her presentation. For those who are curious, the image was created in Word (no fancy graphic software for me – Word/Pages and Powerpoint/Keynote are my graphic tools of choice).


Download a copy of the full-sized PDF: reporting

I’ve been a long believer in the power of good formatting, but I’ve slowly been adopting more meaningful visual elements into my reporting thanks to folks like Kate and Stephanie Evergreen and others within the evaluation field who have been championing this cause in recent years.

I’m always curious to learn about ways that people get other people to read their reports–be they visual elements or other techniques. If you’ve got some good ideas on how to read your reports, please feel free to share them in the comments.

…and here’s to reports that get read over and over again!


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