Doing Desktops Right

…Last year I discovered the simple joy of updating my computer desktop each month and I made it one of my New Year’s resolutions to faithfully update it every month. (You can click here to see all of my desktop combinations from 2014)  It was something that I looked forward to doing toward the end of the month – and I also found that having something interesting and colorful to look at gave me a burst of inspiration and motivation because, let’s face it, we spend a significant amount of time staring at our computer desktop (at least when its not covered with file folders, windows and documents).  Many of my new years resolutions fall by the wayside after the year ends, but this is one that I’ve decided to carry on into 2015.

As I’ve gone along, I’ve also found some cool tricks to find (or make) coordinating patterns for my secondary desktop. My first great find was a tool that allows you to design custom plaids: Then I found a search tool that lets you look for images with specific colors: Multicolr from TinEye Labs. Now I’ve discovered a site that lets you create custom patterns using basic shapes and/or color in patterns that you or other users have created: Colourlovers

I’ve gotten a few other folks hooked on this trend so I wanted to share a few tips for anyone thinking about trying it out for themselves.

1) I’m a huge fan of wallpapers that have calendars because its super handy to always have a calendar for the month on your desktop.

2) When searching for calendar wallpapers, be sure you add the year so that you don’t end up with an image that you love, with a calendar from another year (keep in mind that you can, however, use images from years that have the same pattern of dates/days of week – and it is possible to alter a calendar if you have access to so image editing tools).

3) pick an image you don’t mind looking at – some patterns can be really distracting or painful to look at for long periods of time.

4) If at first you don’t succeed in finding an image that you like – try some different search terms.  I search in google and then look at the image results.

5) Create a list of favorite sites for wallpapers – Chances are good that they’ll have other things you’ll like as well.


February 2015 desktop

February 2015 desktop


March 2015


April 2015


May 2015


June 2015


July 2015


August 2015


September 2015


October 2015


November 2015


December 2015


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