Spooktacular Evaluation and Halloween Fun

This year me and my colleagues in the Bloomington office of Rockman Et Al got in the Halloween spirit and took our cubicle decorating to new heights (and frights).

After everyone got their displays in tip-top shape, we offered online voting to determine the victor. I attempted to host the polling directly within in Facebook but Poll plugin would ultimately not allow me to display the photos alongside the poll so I whipped up a page in Wix and used one of their free polling plugins (POWr) to host a poll alongside the photos of each display. The POWr plugin kept real-time tabs on the results and produced a lovely display, which I’ve added to the webpage now that voting is closed.

So in addition to having a lot of fun, it also turned out to be a fun adventure in quickly creating an online poll that could be shared via email, facebook and twitter. While the results are by no means scientific, there was resounding consensus that Justin’s display (all inspired by his most awesome shoes) was this year’s winner!

You can see all the contest entries and results at: http://jenni929.wix.com/halloween14

Below is my humble entry (which was this year’s runner up).


Happy Halloween everyone!


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