Creative ways to encourage and incentivize museum visits in the 21st Century


As part of the “Leaders of Learning” course that I’m currently taking I stumbled across this article:

The article talks about efforts by the Dallas Museum of Art (and others) to reform the way institutions think about membership and focus more attention on core educational objectives and, in doing so, attract new visitors or find ways to re-engage old visitors.

I was familiar with some of the recent changes in membership programs at the Dallas Museum of Art, having learned about them from Robert Stein, the Deputy Director of the Dallas Museum of Art when he talked about the digital badging component of their new program as part the Smithsonian’s  “Digital Directions” online conversation series in which I also participated.  I don’t believe I updated the links in my earlier posts about the Digital Badging evaluation work I’ve been doing with the Smithsonian so here is a link to the recording of the Digital Directions session that I participated in earlier this year: Digital Directions: Assessing Progress – Badges as a New Tool 

I’m particularly excited to learn more about some of the renewed interest on the part of museums to actively engage adult learners in fun and innovative ways because this ties in to some of the current work that I am doing with the American Museum of Natural History to evaluate its evolving adult learning program and innovate massively multi-learner educational opportunities (side note: if you tag on “for the World” or “on the Web” at the end, the acronym could be MEOW”). I’ve been working in/with museums for nearly two and a half decades, and it is truly exciting to see some of the creative things that are being done currently to keep museum-based learning a relevant part of the life-long learning discussion as well as an integral part of the larger educational landscape.

Other NY Times Resources to check out:


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